A little bit of Dartmoor

I wanted to go for a walk today. Tommo couldn’t make it because he was going paddling in Newquay, Monty was recovering from his broken ankle and I’d lost Steve’s phone number. So, on my own I set off on a long drive for a short walk on Dartmoor. Continue reading “A little bit of Dartmoor” »

North Ridge Corrie eVent Men’s Waterproof Walking Boots

In the past I have tended to spend upwards of £100 on footwear as my feet often suffered from aches and blisters. I felt the more money I spent the better quality I got which in turn meant the less suffering I was going to have to go through. Could these be the boots to change that? Continue reading “North Ridge Corrie eVent Men’s Waterproof Walking Boots” »