A little bit of Dartmoor

I wanted to go for a walk today. Tommo couldn’t make it because he was going paddling in Newquay, Monty was recovering from his broken ankle and I’d lost Steve’s phone number. So, on my own I set off on a long drive for a short walk on Dartmoor. Continue reading “A little bit of Dartmoor” »

Devizes to Bradford on Avon


Today saw myself, Tommo and Steve set off to Devizes for a walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal. Our adventure got off to an early start and as soon as Steve had finally finished his morning ablutions we set off to Bath by train. Continue reading “Devizes to Bradford on Avon” »

North Ridge Corrie eVent Men’s Waterproof Walking Boots

In the past I have tended to spend upwards of £100 on footwear as my feet often suffered from aches and blisters. I felt the more money I spent the better quality I got which in turn meant the less suffering I was going to have to go through. Could these be the boots to change that? Continue reading “North Ridge Corrie eVent Men’s Waterproof Walking Boots” »