You’re now the new keeper of Penguins Stopped Play by Harry Thompson.

Synopsis It seemed a simple enough idea at the outset: to assemble a team of eleven men to play cricket on each of the seven continents of the globe. Except – hold on a minute – that’s not a simple idea at all. And when you throw in incompetent airline officials, amorous Argentine Colonels’ wives, cunning Bajan drug dealers, gay Australian waiters, overzealous American anti-terrorist police, idiot Welshmen dressed as Santa Claus, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and whole armies of pitch-invading Antarctic penguins, you quickly arrive at a whole lot more than you bargained for. Harry Thompson’s hilarious book tells the story of one of those great idiotic enterprises that only an Englishman could have dreamed up, and only a bunch of Englishmen could possibly have wished to carry out.

This books goal is to be read in Antarctica. Maybe you can help it get there (and back of course)?

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  1. This book was a cheap present from a mucker which I initially thought would be rubbish as it was about cricket, but it was a brilliant read so I passed it on to someone who actually does like cricket.

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