What’s It All About?

So you’ve found a book and arrived at this website, well what’s it all about? Firstly if the book wasn’t attached to someone else’s arm feel fee to pick it up and start reading it, or put it in your bag and take it home…you’re now its new keeper.

We thought it would be nice to keep a log of books we’ve released into the wild. To see who’s reading them and where they’ve ended up, and rather than writing inside the cover of the book we’ve developed these pages so that you can log your find online.

To get to the books Tracking Page you can either scan the QR code on your mobile device or enter the unique Book Code in to the search box above. Both QR code and Unique Book Code are shown on the label stuck inside the books front cover.

Why not let others know what you thought of the book by leaving your comments, and if the book you’ve found does have a goal maybe you can help it on its way.

There are no rules on how you should share the book. So when you’ve done with it pass it on to someone you know, or leave it somewhere such as a cafe or on a bus for someone else to pick up. We feel that whatever happens to it will be part of its adventure (what a lucky book).

Currently these pages are piggy backing on Gone Rambling’s website, where if you’re a fan of the great outdoors and like walking/hiking/trekking or rambling if you prefer, you can read about the light hearted wanderings of Todd, Steve, Tommo and Monty.